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I have been a tad absent this past week or so, but I have a good excuse!

Last weekend I had to go to Adelaide for three days to attend a Conference for work. Mostly it was a bit of a bore, but there were a couple things I managed to learn and am now attempting to implement into our office at work. Only time will tell as to whether or not the $300 ticket price + accomodation was worth it.

On the Saturday night we had a Gala Awards & Dinner event as part of the Conference, so I had an excuse to purchase a brand new dress. It was a 1920s-style flapper-dress (is that what they're called?), and yes, that is me in the picture above being a complete dork in it.

Work this past week was crazy-busy, as the end-of and start-of month change over occurs. Today is the first time I have had the opportunity to get online for over a week, and I was most disappointed to discover that nobody wanted a free book! Oh well, I guess it will now just sit on my bookshelf for a few more months whilst I decide what to do with it next. It's too good for a Wild Release...

Anyhow, the most exciting aspect of last weekend was the fact that I had the opportunity to go shopping at two of Adelaide's largest garden centres, where I stocked up on plants for our backyard. Neither Shane nor I really liked what the previous owners had put in (mostly geraniums and daisies that shrink, brown and shrivel during summer and then just look U-G-L-Y), so I purchased a bunch of native grass-plants, a conifer, a dwarf lavender bush, a native hibiscus, carpet rose, mondo grasses - things that are apparently both drought and frost tolerant! And this weekend we dug up all the plants we didnt like and replaced them with the new ones. The back garden looks much more neat and tidy now! I'm just hoping all the plants survive and grow-up to be fantastic. Our colour scheme for the garden is green-grey-red, to match the surrounding Ranges. We still need to purchase a few more seascape grasses and some more mondo grass to finish our landscaping out the back, though. Then we will be able to sit back and watch it thrive!


Now to decide on the front yard! It requires more work and thought than the back, so it could take awhile...

I have never done any real gardening before, but I am finding it quite enjoyable, from reading gardening magazines, to selecting plants, to raising seeds, to pruning and clearing and mulching and composting...It can be time-consuming, that's for sure, but I just feel so accomplished once I've finished a particular project. 

My tip for the week: If you want to be less stressed, try gardening!
It really works!